First of all, we're pretty excited that you are reading this page! It means a great deal to us as we have worked hard to get here and we are very happy to share our story with you.

 First things first!

My name is Pierre and I am the owner and creator of Pit Board Industries / Pit Board Racing. I am in this with my lovely wife to be Isabelle, my two kids and Isabelle's three kids. You can call it a full house. I'm working part time in Pit Board averaging over 40 hours a week and during the days I am full time service member of the Royal Canadian Navy. I can honestly say that my passion for motocross and BMX racing is giving me the energy required to work all those hours with minimum sleep in order to make this dream come true. I have been working this project based on three principles that are; honour, leadership and ethics. I will sacrifice profit to ensure that those principles remain intact, this is the course I choose and we are sticking to it.

Why I picked this name

A pit board is often used in racing by a racers teamate to pass on to him important messages or encouragements to help him focus and hopefully win the race.

So the name is intended to represent us being always behind our customers, racers and their team. I have said it often to my kids, you will never finish last as I will always be behind you in everything you do.